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Reading by Text Message
Reading by Text Message
Would you like to receive a psychic answer to your question instantly?

Would you like to receive a reading quietly, and anonymously, straight to your mobile?

Receiving a Psychic Reading by text can save you time and money, providing you with psychic advice instantly, and confidentially! Provided in detail by one or more of our readers, it will usually contain advice from many methods of divination to provide you with an instant look at your situation.

It's so simple and easy to do. But remember to always text "tarot" at the beginning of your text to ensure that your message comes straight through to OUR gifted Psychics, and not a complete stranger!

Our psychics providing the psychic readings by text are among the best psychic readers in the world! They will always seek to give you the best psychic advice available to them to help you with all of your psychic questions.

Psychic texts are a great way to receive psychic advice, as you will discover! Not only can you get this psychic advice quickly and anonymously, but you can swap as few or as many psychic texts as you wish! So if you want one question answered, all you have to do is send one text! If you want to develop your reading in more depth, you can swap more psychic texts and get a deeper psychic insight into the situation. It puts you in control of how much psychic info you receive!

Our psychic texts may include Tarot or Clairvoyance in them, but it is up to you which they use - all you have to do is ask them to use either 'Tarot' or 'Clairvoyance' by adding the word at the end of your text! That way, our psychic readers will know which methods you prefer in your psychic text reading!

Each psychic text costs £1.50 from most networks.

How to reach us
Clairvoyants are people who can perceive things beyond the range of the five senses.

Call: 0906 919 1978
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Angel Reading
Angel readings give you an opportunity to receive personal messages and guidance from your angels.

Call: 0906 919 1979
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A medium is someone who acts as a vehicle for receiving messages from those who have passed on.

Call: 0906 919 1980
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0845 053 0813
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Text tarot costs 1.50 per message received
Calls cost £1.00 per minute from a BT landline